Monday, September 3, 2012


There aren't really any words to describe my love for the this state, or the people who live here. I feel like it's such a part of me. It's where Eric and I met, and were married. It's where I found a church that I loved/love and believe in. It's where I learned to be a follower of Jesus. It holds such a special place in my heart. So imagine my elatedness when our dear friends, Tony and Kelly Gambino, joined us for the first part of our trip back to this lovely state! We ate good food, we laughed (a lot), we went wake boarding, and floated the river. It was pretty magical, I must say.  Here are a few (and by a few, I mean a ton of pictures. There were just way too many good ones to pick just a few) pics showing just what an awesome time we had!

The ladies at the Tin Shed in Portland. 

Eric and I in Powell's Bookstore

At the Doug Fir for my birthday dinner. Yay 26!

Stumptown Coffee. Yum!

Gorgeous Kelly enjoying her coffee.

The four of us at Multnomah Falls. 
The few from the almost top of Multnomah Falls

Another beautiful view.
We pulled over on the way to Bend from Portland to check out an air show. One of the coolest things ever!


Kel and I right before I tried wake boarding for the second time. I was terrified
Eric getting some air, doing what he loves to do.
Me after wake boarding.

My love and I on the boat.

My other love (Grey Parnell. I waited 6 long months to meet this little guy).
Eric and Tony being...Eric and Tony.
Listening to Elliot play some sweet live music.
My attempt to get all of us in the picture without moving. I think I succeeded fairly well.
Kelly and I at the show.
Kelly is attempting to photo bomb our picture, and I thought it was hilarious.
No words needed.
Last night in town.

Oh I miss it already! What a lovely way to end the summer. Now it's back to grind. My focus is finishing school. Just three more months until I'm finished...

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